Golden fucking wings

Accelerated Stalls in a 172 →




I’m at 50° of bank, pulled back to the stop, and the fucking plane wouldn’t stall.

"Pitch back more!"

"Man, I’m at full stop already!"

I have the same problem! Haven’t tried it in a while but when we were testing my plane I could not get…

It’s really hard to get the 172S to do it at 68 when it’s cold outside (good performance). When I was teaching those in December we would sometimes do 360 degrees of turn before it would buffet. I think UND needs to change the stan man with a slower speed.

It makes me really upset to come home from working all day, every day to my sister who is 4 years older than me, sitting on her ass at home doing nothing. I dunno man.


Mette’s feelings after first attempt at maneuvers in a sim earlier:

"Wow, can’t wait to do chandelles in a plane."

"8s on Pylons? I’m going to go cry over there in that corner."

8’s on are the spawn of the devil.